Join the Refill Revolution!

Our goal is simple: to make Bristol a city where refilling water bottles is the norm. We’ve now got a network of more than 200 Refill stations where people can top up with tap water so they don’t have to buy plastic bottles to get a drink.

Be one of the 10,000 Refillers in Bristol

Three refreshing reasons to sign up below!

  • Community Impact – your contribution counts! See how many bottles Refillers stop from being landfilled or ending up in the ocean. Read more >
  • Money – see how much you’re saving! Read more >
  • Health – boost your health, one drink at a time.

You can support our goal by signing up to this campaign and making the following pledge:

I’m one of Bristol’s 10,000 refillers and pledge to Refill at the city’s free Refill stations instead of buying bottled water.

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*Our pledge to you: We will not bombard you with information that is not related to Refill and the goals we have set. We will not share your data with any external organisations and we will keep it safe.