Refill Business

Become a Refill Business and help Bristol become single-use plastic free.

Bristol Water and Refill Bristol are working together to help reduce plastic waste in the city. Why not join the campaign by becoming a Refill Business? By signing up you’ll not only have a great Corporate Social Responsibility story but you can use the Refill Business logo to show your employees and customers that you care about the city we live in.

So how can your business get involved?

Refill Bristol has already connected with over 250 businesses in Bristol who signed up to be Refill Stations. There are three ways (read below) to join the movement and you can sign up in minutes by going to

1. Refill Business

Buy refillable bottles for your employees and commit to banning disposable plastic cups and bottled water.

You will be able to display the Refill Business logo on any of your company literature, which looks great for your Corporate Social Responsibility. You will also feature on our website and in the Refill Bristol newsletter which currently goes to over 500 people every month.


2. Refill Supporter

Commit to banning disposable plastics cups and bottled water within your business and promote Refill within the company.

We can provide you with internal communications information and come into your offices to promote Refill.

You will be able to use the “We support Refill Bristol” logo on your company literature


3. Refill Station

Join over 200 businesses across Bristol and become a Refill station. Open your doors to members of the public to let them fill up for free from your tap.

You can display the Refill Bristol logo in your window and you will feature on our Refill interactive map of stations.

Become a Refill Business